Providing Zulu Bibles across KwaZulu Natal and then all of Africa

The JAB Foundation is centered on changing lives for the Glory of the Christ's Kingdom. A huge part of our mission is to further the gospel into regions unchurched and to transend language barriers preventing people from knowing the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Upwards to seventy percent (70%) of the KZN province is comprised of Zulu speaking individuals - and we hope to reach every single one and at no cost, equip them with the Gospel in their native tongue. We are aspiring to source and/or create a Zulu Study Bible, including either a concordance, commentary, study guide, or all combined.

Statistics show that twenty - five percent (25%) of the population in South Africa are Zulu speaking people. Even more, Harvest International Ministrieshas reported that they have: 

150,000 people who are literate want a Bible, but do not have a Bible of their own...and research shows there are around 200 Million Bible - Less Christians on the African Continent.

You can help us to fulfill the dreams of millions of people. By donating today, you can place a Bible in the hands of an eager Christian waiting to mine the riches of God's Living Word for all its worth. Get in touch with us today to find out how, or donate securely and safely using your PayPal, or PayFast account.

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