Summer Hill House

SUMMERHILL HOUSE is a non-profit organization (registered Section 21) whose sole motivation and vision is to provide homes and personal transformation for orphaned and abandoned children that have been affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

At SUMMERHILL HOUSE children’s home we want to give kids the the things that they have lost - Love, an education, a bed to sleep in and food - that’s all part of the program. However we believe the most important thing in helping these children is providing the feeling of family. That’s why our model mirrors a family unit as closely as possible. 

Each of our 4 prospective houses will hold 6 children and 1 housemother -  who is there to make sure there is care, respect and laughter. This ‘unit’ ensures roots, no overcrowding, plenty of time with the caregiver (housemother) and love.

Our work has been predominantly on the ground - we have placed huge importance on social upliftment in Etete. We are feeding needy families and holding monthly home-group meetings where we make time for teaching and enjoying fellowship together. We visit individuals on a weekly basis, assist in acquiring grants and ID documents and work closely with the Stanger Child Welfare and Stanger Social Services Department.

However, our full project plan involves the following:

  • Land +-3800m (acquired)
  • Multipurpose building (for crèche/homework/youth)
  • Building of 4 houses (to accommodate a house mother and 6 children in each)
  • Soccer/Netball Pitch

The following areas have been acquired/completed:

  • We have acquired 3800m of land, with an option to purchase
  • Architectural plans have been drawn up by Sagnelli Associate Architects
  • Geo Tech report has been done by Davis Lynn & Partners

We are currently seeking finance and any other resources that would help in establishing this vision. If you would like more information, or to assist in some way, please send us an email. We'd love to hear from you!

For monetary donations, please click on the "DONATE" link in the sidebar. We have PayPal and Payfast accounts for secure giving on the web. Please use the reference "Summer Hill" to ensure proper designation.